Location: 1205 1st Ave. Suite 103, Columbus, GA 31901 Phone: 706-527-6372

UA Functional Training

Look good, move well!!

Uncommon Athlete Functional Training is a great program for all ability levels from beginner to advanced. It is a functional group fitness class that offers a well thought out and structured approach to programming taught by a highly qualified and experienced coaching staff. We will focus on movement rather than muscle to improve body composition and performance. You should expect to optimize different aspects of your fitness from brute strength, work capacity, stamina, power, speed, agility, and balance. While the warm ups and cool downs focus on dynamic flexibility and activation drills to improve posture and increase stability/mobility to bullet proof your joints and prevent injury. This class is geared towards optimizing performance in LIFE as it can be unpredictable at times and you should be prepared for your opportunity when it presents itself. Even if it is only carrying all of your groceries in one trip or playing a game of catch with your kid’s. You should be ready for any opportunity! Look good, move well!

This program is offered at the Uncommon Athlete Training Facility or through the TrainHeroic App our Remote Training System, so that you can literally train with us from anywhere in the world and can be accessed straight from your phone!

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