Location: 1205 1st Ave. Suite 103, Columbus, GA 31901 Phone: 706-527-6372

UA Foundation Course

If you are new to fitness this program will teach you proper lifting form and other unconventional exercises.

Uncommon Athlete Foundations Course is a class that will help you build a solid foundation in order to maximize the benefits from exercise and is geared towards new Uncommon Athlete members as well as anyone dealing with nagging pains/injuries. Before beginning Uncommon Athlete Functional Training classes we ask that you take as many UAFC classes as needed to safely progress to UAFT. We will be assessing how your body moves naturally during UAFC to rule out any injuries or potential injuries that could occur from movement or postural deficiencies. If needed, further UAFC classes and/or Personal Training will be recommended to help correct posture, form on all basic exercises, muscle imbalances and improve basic movement patterns. UAFC will take a structured approach to teaching you how to move with proficiency and will focus on postural improvements to help you live a better more pain free life. The class is taught by a highly qualified and experienced athletic trainer.

This is a mandatory class for every new Uncommon Athlete.

A structure is only as strong as it’s foundation!
The beginning of the new and improved YOU!