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Ranger Training

Ranger School Prep

Uncommon Athlete Ranger Training is geared towards the tactical athlete. This class will help Ranger school candidates train to perform basic movements efficiently and to standard while focusing on developing the physical skills needed to pass RAP Week. Which is achieved through a well thought out and structured program designed by a RTB CSM(R); adjusted to tailor to the candidates individual needs and taught by a highly qualified and experienced coaching staff. How bad do you want it?
Any Soldier can start the program prior to their class date and arrive at Ranger School and perform well above the standard. We recommend starting at least 90 days prior to the start of your Ranger school class date.
The specific goals of this program are for any Soldier to endure and excel physically in all Ranger course requirements: Ranger Physical Fitness Test, Combat Water Survival Assessment, obstacle courses, numerous runs, foot marching, and patrolling.
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